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(Surnames suppressed to protect the innocent ;)

  • Scott - Da Big Boss man! (B*nice!)
  • Pher - Da Man!
  • Daniel - Programmer!
  • Justin - This guy is the DON!
  • Daniel O - Mr 'I know more than Sony' :)
  • Dave L - Da man with da guitar tabz!
  • Natasha - Personal friend of B*Witched!
  • Fiona - Our little Darling! :)
  • Lindsay - Singer, actress and star!
  • Clarey Warey - The Disco Fairy!
  • Kim - How mad is this girl?!
  • Gideon- The Newsman! Big Up!
  • Chris L- Mr Vid Capz n' stuff! :)
  • Rich - Grafix Artist of da year! :)

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