Welcome to B-Witched.Net , your link to the weird world of B*Witched! Here, we hope to bring you all the latest news and info on your favourite Irish girls. You will also find a whole host of exclusive material, brought to by the famous 'Storm Crew', now sponsored by car insurance website 123.ie.

B*Witched is a band featuring twin sisters Edele and Keavy Lynch, Lindsay Armaou, and Sinéad O'Carroll. Their first four singles all made #1 on the charts in the UK and did extremely well beyond! Their first four singles were "C'est la Vie", "Rollercoaster", "To You I Belong" and "Blame It on the Weatherman". After selling 3 million albums, the band split up in 2002. Edele, Keavy, Lindsay, and Sinéad split up and went their separate ways in order to pursue their own projects and passions. In one of those strange twists of history, their manager Shep Glowan took the money he had made while managing the band and moved to Switzerland where the last thing anyone heard from him was that he was opening a Swiss casino and sportsbar where some B*Witched memorabilia is featured prominently! Some people have the strangest life paths

After their long layoff, the band reconnected and decided to reunite in 2012! Nostalgia for all their classic hits had only grown during their decade layoff, and they agreed to participate in an ITV2 series called 'The Big Reunion'. The latest news is that they are planning a big Australia tour!

B-Witched.net is here to give you all the best B*Witched news, photos, and even rumors. WE can't get enough B*Witched and we are so happy they have reunited and are touring again, and can only hope for more albums and to hear their songs featured in more TV shows, movies, and video games! Sit back, relax on the veranda under a nice wood gazebo and listen to some classic B*Witched!

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